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The best Android and iPhone football apps to enjoy – or play your own – Euro 2024

Keep track of your favourite teams – or control virtual ones when your lot are getting a kicking

Football apps round-up

Euro 2024 is upon us. During those times you’re not glued to the telly, the little screen in your pocket will want to get in on the action. Android and iPhone football apps let you track the news and explore precisely how inept your team was during its recent games. 

The rest give you the means to show how you could do better yourself, if only you could control the real world from above, like a terrifying combination of Gareth Southgate and God.

The best Android iPhone and Android football apps

Four apps. Three games. Seven wins and 21 points. Or something.

UEFA EURO 2024 Official (free)

It’s not like the other football apps in this round-up are unaware of the Euros. But this app is designed spceifically for them. You can browse the news, hide behind your fingers when scores start coming in, and dig into team and player details. There are also games, so you can show off your knowlege in quizzes, or fashion a Fantasy Football team and aim to win big yourself. You know, unlike England.

Get UEFA EURO 2024 Official for Android or iOS

FotMob (free)

The first of a trio of news/scores/stats apps, FotMob feels swish compared to its rivals, with a clean, usable design. But there’s still loads of news and data to dig into. When it comes to match reports, it’s our favourite. Most apps have a live ticker, but FotMob’s one is more like what you’d get on The Guardian, albeit minus the snark. Still, any personality beats a handful of data points.

Get FotMob for Android or iOS

LiveScore (free)

This one’s not the prettiest of apps, but it’s a good bet when your loyalties are spread – or you want to regularly gawp at how your team’s rivals are doing. From all of the main screens, you can access a bunch of custom shortcuts, quickly getting to that team’s info. And, of course, the app gives you all the usual scores feeds, news, and links to videos to watch until your eyes glaze over.

Get LiveScore for Android or iOS

Forza (free)

Another live scores football app battling to top the table, Forza doesn’t make a great first impression, with a huge Home tab ad. However, you won’t care when you start exploring. The Transfers feed is fab, as are the match stats – all crystal-clear numbers and colourful graphs. They’ll leave you in no doubt about whether the gaffer should be locked into a 50-year contract or catapulted into the North Sea. 

Get Forza for Android or iOS

Super Arcade Football (from free)

When you’ve watched your side plod along for 90 minutes, you’ll want to experience something zippier. This footie game channels the classic Sensi, with dinky players that zoom around, playing a strange concoction of the beautiful game, pinball and outright weirdness once modifiers enter the equation. It’s great fun. A cheap-as-chips (and way cheaper than stadium chips) one-off IAP bins the ads.

Get Super Arcade Football for Android or iOS

Football Manager Touch (Apple Arcade)

This management sim sucks you in so deep that you’ll believe you are a manager, until you angrily bellow at the cat for missing a sitter. On Apple kit, as part of Apple Arcade, it gives you more depth and possibilities for fiddling about than you’ll know what to do with. Not got an Apple Arcade sub? The slightly cut-down Football Manager 2024 Mobile is available for Android and iOS on Netflix. 

Get Football Manager Touch for iOS

Retro Goal (from free)

Not keen to battle through entire matches, via arcade larks or a management sim, but still fancy a smattering of both? Retro Goal is the ‘just the highlights’ of footie games on mobile. With its vibrant visuals and touchscreen controls, it’s ideal fodder for thumping five past Man City during a spare five minutes. And although it’s IAP-hungry, you can win for nowt with prudent in-game transfers.

Get Retro Goal for Android or iOS – or for iOS on Apple Arcade

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