Stuff Gadget Awards 2020 (part 1)

We've tested so many great gadgets this year that we couldn't even fit them all into a single article...

The Stuff Awards have always gravitated towards the end of the year, because why have them in the summer when nothing has been announced yet?

It’s this kind of joined-up thinking that gives us the authority to deliver the official word on the best gadgets of 2020... with a little help from you.

As we've mentioned above, we're splitting our annual gadget love-in into multiple parts this year, as there were just so many of the damn things to fit in. So come back on Monday for part two, as well as the always much-anticipated readers' gadget of the year announcement. 

But for now, sit back, grap a hot cup of something, and join us as we celebrate the best in 2020 tech.