Promoted: 6 things you won't miss now you have a Miimo

Now that Honda's little grass-cutter takes care of business for you, it's time to reminisce and be thankful for what you no longer have to put up with

[embedscript]Cutting the grass sucks. There are no two ways about it. It's tough, sweaty work, and makes us want to give up the whole thing.

Luckily, if you're the proud owner of Honda's handy Miimo robot lawnmower, the ordeal of keeping your lawn looking prim and proper will never be your burden again – and it’ll free you up to sorting the flowerbeds.

Here's a look at all the stuff you definitely won't be missing once Miimo has entered your life…

No more sunburn

For all our complaints about British weather, there are at least a good few weeks every summer in which we're blessed with hot, sunny, blue skies. Tabloids will run front page headlines declaring that London is hotter than Barcelona, and everyone's ecstatically happy, running around in flip-flops with 99p flake ice creams in each hand. That's all well and good, but toiling away on the lawn in the heat, drenched in sweat as you realise you're only halfway though cutting the grass, will make you curse the perfect weather. As you painfully slap away a fly on your now-sore, sunburnt neck, you long to emigrate to Iceland and live in an igloo. Or at least you used to. Now that Miimo's on the case, you can wave at him from your nice shady porch, cold beer in-hand.

No more plant monster

Something else you won't miss once Miimo is being covered head-to-toe in itchy grass cuttings. Down the back of your neck, in your shoes, on your arms – by the time you're finished you feel like you've just climbed out of a bath full of ants. And given the amount of greenery on you, there's probably a fair few of the little critters on you too. Definitely not a feeling you're going to miss.

No more crippling back pain

The thing we'd not miss the most is bending down to pick up grass cuttings and stuffing them into a green bag. It's a fantastic way to tie your lower back into knots and by the time you're done, you'll feel like you've come back from a heavy dead-lift session at the gym. One of the best features of Miimo is there are no grass cuttings to pick up – the little fellow kindly transforms everything it cuts into nutritious mulch, spreading it over your lawn and encouraging healthy growth. Win/win.

No more decking debate

We know a fair few households who are so fed up with the never-ending cycle of grass growing that they’re contemplating decking the entire thing. Don't get us wrong – a little decking to compliment a garden is great, but once you've lost all the grass, you're going to miss all the greenery. Once Miimo is deployed, the decking debate becomes a thing of the past.

No more wasted time

Cutting a lawn well can easily take over an hour. That's an hour of your life you're never going to get back. Just think of all the time you waste on mundane tasks like brushing your teeth, hanging up the washing, and emptying the dishwasher. Do your really want to add even more wasted time to the pile? Of course not. While you can't get robots to empty your dishwasher (sorry, not even Miimo can help you out there), you can have one to at least ensure you never waste time cutting blades of grass again. Spend that time reading, painting, or even having a nap. The choice is yours.