Here's how to save £400 on a new Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Go SIM-free on Samsung's latest superphone and you could save a fortune

So the reviews are in and you’ve decided you want either the new Samsung Galaxy S8 or the bigger Galaxy S8 Plus - now what next?

These are out-of-this-world-phones (see what we did there?), but the cost you pay doesn’t need to be astronomical (we'll stop with the bad puns now).   

We’ve covered all the best prices around today for the two phones, running on all the major UK mobile networks, and with the total cost of ownership taken into account.

And, while there are some great contract deals out there, we've done a bit of number crunching and worked out just how much you could save if you instead go SIM-free.

The best contract deal we've so far found on the Galaxy S8 Plus would set you back £1094 in total. That’s on a Vodafone contract with 4GB of data at £46.00 a month, over two years.

However, if you switch away from being tied into a lengthy contract and buy the phone SIM-free and unlocked you'll definitely save money. Buying the S8 Plus outright will cost you £779; add to that a SIM-only contract and you'll still save a minimum of £100.

We particularly like the look of Three’s £9 a month deal, with unlimited minutes and text messages and 4GB of 4G data. That should be plenty for all your WhatsApp and Super Mario Run needs.

This will set you back £216 for 24 months. Add it to the £799 for the S8 Plus and you get a total of £996. That's £99.00 compared to our best contract deal (with Vodafone) and some £400 cheaper than the best equivalent deal with O2.

The savings aren't quite so great on the standard Galaxy S8, but even there you can save between £70 and £200 if you're savvy. And of course as an added bonus you can sell your S8 or S8 Plus this time next year and upgrade to the Galaxy S9. We've heard it's going to be made from nano material and will have a screen crafted from unicorn's tears.

Anyway, be sure to read our reviews of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus before making your mind up - and bear the above in mind too.