Down with the blind fanboyism: can't we all be friends?

News flash: it's OK for other people to have different tech tastes – argues Esat Dedezade

I love Lucky Charms cereal.

It's specially imported from the US so it costs about £7 a box in the UK. Each bowl contains approximately seventeen tonnes of sugar. The milk eventually goes green from the dried marshmallows, which are themselves so dense with sugar, that they're in danger of collapsing into a singularity of diabetes-inducing sweetness.

I can categorically state that it is the best cereal that has ever been created. I will defend it to the death. Every other type of cereal is absolutely inferior in every single conceivable way, and I will go to tremendous, often disturbing lengths, to show you why your cereal is a terrible choice, and why your face is so stupid.