Christmas Gift Guide 2019: 15 retro gadget gift ideas for nostalgic nerds

Vintage kit for an old-school Yule

Bored to death with Brexit, Trump and the general state of the world? Stick this retro tech in your stocking to forget the present-day drama and escape to the festive bliss of yesteryear.

Sure, celebrating Christmas like it’s 1995 means no steaming flicks in 4K and no deploying your smartphone as a distraction from pesky relatives, but with this haul of throwback goodies to play with, you wont need to.

Know a host who’s fond of Christmas past? From instant cameras with old-school style to gaming revivals right out of your childhood, this vintage kit is sure to be a hit with any nostalgic recipient. Especially if you catch their reaction with that camcorder from the attic.