Christmas Gift Guide 2016: 19 gadget gift ideas for fitness fanatics

Feel the festive burn with these sweat-inducing gifts

Christmas might be the season of excess, but that's all the more reason to encourage some snowy sport sessions (or rainy runs, as the case may be).

Be it springy shoes or wrist-wrapping trackers, we've got the gifts stock full of fitness smarts to turn too much Turkey into rippling washboard abs. OK, so we're not guaranteeing anything, but at least you'll look darn fine as you wheeze your way back to the sofa for another box set and slice of Yule log.

Under Armour Speedform Gemini 2 Record Equipped (£130)

Sometimes, runners just want to sprint free from the faff of fitness bands and smartphones. If this sounds like your free-spirited but data-obsessed friend, get them these: a pair of unisex trainers that come with a Bluetooth foot pod for tracking distance, speed and pace. 

Once their wearer is back home, the trainers will automatically fire a record of the workout to the Map My Run app. And, unlike sports watches, you don’t need to charge them either: the sensor will last for the lifetime of the shoes - or around 500 miles of pavement pounding. 

Buy the Under Armour Speedform Gemini 2 Record Equipped here

Bellabeat Leaf Urban (£114)

Fitness wearables often look like could be part of Alan Partridge’s ‘sports casual’ wardrobe, but not this elegant bit of health-tracking jewellery. The Leaf Urban stealthily monitors its wearer’s step counts, calories burned and sleep thanks to motion sensors and a companion smartphone app. 

There’ll be no lost sleep over forgetting to charge it either, as everything is powered by a replaceable coin cell battery that should last around six months. Add water-resistance, a vibrating alarm mode and wireless syncing to the app, and that diamond necklace starts to look pretty dull.

Buy the Bellabeat Leaf Urban here

JBL Reflect Aware (£150)

If there's one thing more annoying than sweating hard despite the bitter chill of the British winter, its other people being noisy in parks. Don't they know you're trying to have a peaceful path romp?

Thankfully, these sound-isolating earbuds from JBL will do just the trick to seal out the sounds. Adaptive noise control tech means you can control just how much of the outside world gets in, whilst reflective elements mean you'll be seen - if not heard.

The best bit? They're Apple Lightning-equipped, so if you've been gifted an iPhone 7, you'll have no problem plugging them in.

Buy JBL Reflect Aware headpones here

Myzone MZ-3 (£130)

Think heart rate straps are a bit old hat in the age of fitness watches with optical HR sensors? Not so. A chest strap is still by far the most accurate way to do heart rate-based training, and this one goes a step beyond by turning your HR zones into a competitive game. 

The MZ-3 measurers your performance across five zones based on your fitness, and awards points based on the intensity of your efforts. Because this acts like a golfing handicap for general fitness, you can compete with people who are far fitter than you, too. 

Buy the Myzone MZ-3 here

Adidas Pure Boost ZG Heat Shoes (£100)

Buying trainers for someone else can be a dangerous game, but these kicks are a safe bet for most runners looking to rack up some winter mileage.

Their styrofoam­-like Boost midsole is regarded by runners of all levels as one of the most comfortable rides around, while their Climaheat upper works with a Heat Seal to keep toes warm but not sweaty on those snowy sprints.

Buy Adidas Pure Boost ZG Heat shoes here