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The best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip deals – £59/m with 160GB data on O2

To go forward, we must look back. Here are the best deals on Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip foldable phone.

It’s 2020 and everybody is excited for flip phones…did I just fall asleep and wake up in 2002? 

After a big reveal at The Oscars, Samsung kicked off their Unpacked show with their brand-new Galaxy Z Flip – the next step of their foldable phone journey. 

They’ve learnt a lot from their previous Galaxy Fold. Instead of a plastic screen, the display is covered by an ultra-thin sheet of glass. The hinge has some tiny brushes inside to ensure protection from any dust getting into where it shouldn’t. And over other foldable phones of this year, they’ve gone all out on the specs. 

A powerful Snapdragon 855+ processor paired with 8GB RAM elevates this beyond your normal fashionista’s phone, enabling some fun little interaction features like dual tasking using the two halves of the screen at an angle. 

And the best bit? Don’t let Motorola’s RAZR pricing worry you. Unlike much technology at the beginning of its adoption life cycle, the Galaxy Z Flip is not going to cost you an arm and a leg. 

We’ve found the best deals and listed them just below. 

Going SIM free? Order yours from Samsung here. 

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip best deals – £59/m with 160GB on O2

The contract deals make this a seriously tempting phone for those who like to be the first out the gate with futuristic tech. Our favourite comes from O2, for providing a huge chunk of data for a decent price – provided you can cover the upfront cost.

Best of the rest

Flippin’ eck – it’s a pricey phone. We get you probably want to shop around first. Here are the rest of the deals before you settle on what we’ve picked above.