Halloween 2017: The best horror films on Now TV and Sky

Some streaming to get you screaming

What better way to indulge your taste for the pants-fillingly frightening than to dim the lights, curl up on the couch and watch a horror film?

Thankfully, the days of having to venture out to the video shop or cross your fingers that something suitable is on are over - there's a horrifying wealth of scary movies available at your fingertips on streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Now TV. 

Here, you'll find the Stuff team's pick of Now TV's horror movie selection. There's sure to be something in here that'll put the willies up you.

Searching for scares on a different streaming service? We've got you covered:

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If you prefer your horror movies grounded in reality, this adaptation of Stephen King’s novel of the same name fits the bill as snugly a knife in a sheath.

When James Caan’s novelist crashes his car in the frozen American wilds, he’s lucky enough to be pulled out of the wreck by a trained nurse – one who happens to be a huge lover of his books, no less. But the line between fandom and outright obsession can be a fine one, and as the nurse – masterfully played by an Oscar-winning Kathy Bates – helps him recover from his injuries, her increasingly disturbing behaviour suggests he may have been better off dying in the accident.

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The Thing


Deep and crisp and even it may be, but the Antarctic snow of John Carpenter’s cult horror classic is far from pure. The movie’s eponymous parasitic extraterrestrial, unwittingly woken from an icy slumber beneath the permafrost, is able to assume human form, leading to near-unbearable suspense – who is human, and who is the alien? - as the inhabitants of a cut-off research station are preyed upon in gruesome fashion.

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The Birds


In a world of Saws, Hostels and Human Centipedes, Hitchcock’s The Birds might seem awfully quaint. What’s scary about a flock of crows hanging out in a playground? Hasn’t anyone who’s ever eaten a chip by the seaside received some unwelcome attention from a seagull?

It’s exactly this supposed lack of menace that the master of suspense turns into a threat, cleverly eschewing music completely to instill an unsettling sense of dread. Without The Birds, we’d also never have had Big Train’s brilliant ‘The Working Class’ sketch – and for that we must be eternally grateful.

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The Silence of the Lambs


The only horror film to ever win Best Picture at the Oscars, this 1991 chiller introduced the wider world to the iconic Hannibal Lecter, a brilliant psychiatrist who just so happens to be a cannibalistic serial killer. One of the best parts of it all? The fact that Lecter – played here with delicious creepiness by Anthony Hopkins – isn’t even the film’s antagonist, but the only means to stopping him. Like they say, it takes a thief to catch a thief…

While the horror here is more often psychological than visceral, there are more than enough gore and shocks to keep slasher aficionados happy. And even non-horror fans will enjoy the craft on show here, with fantastic performances and a brilliant script full of memorable lines. You’ll never think of fava beans and a nice Chianti in the same way again.

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The Witch


A spooky forest, an aggressive goat called Black Phillip, creepy twins, missing babies and failed harvests – The Witch could hardly tick more classic horror boxes if it tried.

Ye olde worlde dialogue will put some off but it fuels the feeling of authenticity and adds to the unshakeable sense of otherworldliness. If you’re looking for jumps go elsewhere but if you see a creepier film this year we’d like to know about it.

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Don’t Breathe


A lot of the most memorable horror movies are memorable precisely because there’s some kind of killer (literally) gimmick in place, and that’s very much the case with Don’t Breathe.

When a trio of teen tearaways decide to burgle the house of an old blind man, they don’t count of him being a vicious ex-soldier with sharpened hearing, a vicious guard dog and a burning desire to keep the contents of his basement a secret. .

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