The best horror films on Netflix

Looking for something creepy to watch? You'll find plenty of scare-tertainment right here

What better way to indulge your taste for the pants-fillingly frightening than to dim the lights, curl up on the couch and watch a horror film?

Thankfully, the days of having to venture out to the video shop or cross your fingers that something suitable is on the box are over - there's a horrifying wealth of scary movies available on streaming services like Netflix, Now TV and Amazon Prime Video. 

Here, you'll find the Stuff team's pick of Netflix's selection. Whether you like your horror movies bloody, creepy, arty or with a twist of comedy, there's sure to be something in here that'll put the willies up you.

Searching for scares on a different streaming service? We've got you covered:

The best horror films on Amazon Prime Video

The best horror films on Now TV and Sky

It Follows

It might adhere to one of the main horror movie rules outlined in Scream – having sex more often than not ends in your grisly demise – but the stylishly shot It Follows is anything but formulaic.

The killer curse here stalks victims slowly but incessantly - disguised as a normal passerby, family member or friend, which is perhaps the creepiest part - and there's apparently only one (horrible) way to lift it. That gives this indie chiller a sense of helpless dread that doesn’t let up until the credits roll.

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The Neon Demon

If Drive is Nicolas Winding Refn’s cult classic turned mainstream megahit, The Neon Demon is his “don’t worry, I’m still weird” shout out to fans who want to walk away from a movie not quite sure what it was they just watched, but knowing it was something.

An all-out assault on the senses (and possibly your sensibilities), beautifully shot, and at once restrained and shockingly over-the-top, this parable of the LA fashion scene as a (literally) cutthroat world feels more like a Lynchian or Kubrickian horror yarn than a drama. Strong stuff for strong stomachs.

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Creep (2014)

It’s “found footage” time once more in this micro-budgeted indie flick concerning a videographer hired by a mysterious man for a job - one that initially seems simple but turns out to be anything but.

With a lean cast (it’s basically a two-hander starring writer/director Patrick Brice and co-writer Mark Duplass - yes, he of mumblecore movie fame) and a lean 77-minute running time, Creep relies more on mood and tone than special effects or gore – and it’s well worth sticking around until the conclusion.

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The Babadook

'If it's in a word, or it's in a look, you can't get rid of the Babadook.' Honestly, this Australian horror flick is going to stick with you for some time. In addition to all the thrills and chills you'd expect from a standard monster movie, The Babadook has something extra hidden in its basement under the stairs: smarts.

Yes, this film will fray your nerves like wool on a barbed wire fence, but it's also a powerful meditation on loss and trauma. Can single-mother Amelia finally lay the repressed memory of her dead husband to rest and save her son Samuel in the process? You simply have to watch this modern classic to find out.

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The Cabin in the Woods

When five teenagers go to the backwoods for a weekend away, we can all guess what’s going to happen – or can we? Much like Scream back in 1996, The Cabin In The Woods plays with the audience’s expectations concerning the horror genre, leading to lots of knowing nods, chuckles and more than one scare. A movie for movie geeks, certainly – little wonder, with Joss Whedon as co-writer and producer.

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