The best cases for iPhone 12, 12 Mini, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max

Another year, another set of iPhones that definitely need a case!

This year may be anything but normal, but one thing you can rely on in the midst of all the turmoil is Apple announcing new iPhones.

And boy did they deliver... The iPhone 12 (and its little brother the 12 Mini), 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max brings back shades of the iPhone 5 in its blockier design, comes packed with the trailblazing camera system everyone loves (plus LiDAR in the Pro Max model for that extra quick autofocus), a gorgeous Super Retina XDR screen from 5.4in up to a massive 6.7in, and a scarily rapid A14 bionic processor paired with 5G data capability.

Put simply, it has it all, and after what had arguably become a bit of a settled design for Apple, it feels fresh to see them jump back to the flatter shape – even giving us some more colour options too. Sold on it? Well we’re good at finding the best deals, but we can also recommend a good case to protect that precious jewel in your pocket! Here are the best options worth your left over milk money...

Pick your phone

iPhone 12 Mini (Scroll down) | iPhone 12 | iPhone 12 Pro | iPhone 12 Pro Max

If you see something on one list and think “I’d love to have that but for this different model of iPhone 12,” don’t worry! The cases we pick have different size variants going from Mini to Max.

Best iPhone 12 Mini cases

Protect your screen

Yes, that ceramic screen protection Apple tout does sound good, but nothing beats the ultimate scratch resistance of a proper screen protector. Don’t leave anything to chance!

Our favourite is Invisible Shield’s Glass Elite Visionguard+ - maximum protection, plus an anti-microbial surface and blue light filter to keep those peepers safe at night.

Gear4 Battersea (£34.99)

You may notice we talk about Gear4 a lot when it comes to case recommendations – especially highlighting this little number. The patented D3O material gives it drop protection up to 16 feet and does not interfere with that magsafe wireless charging round the back. Simply put, it’s one of the safest options for protecting that precious new Apple jewel.

Get yours here.

Tech21 Eco Art ($49.95)

The flatter design may already be a work of art in your eyes, but you need something to make it really stand out. That’s where Tech21’s Eco Art case comes in handy – this 100% biodegradeable case provides all-round phone protection and lips for camera and screen, along with unique designs created by independent artists. 

Get yours here. 

Totallee iPhone 12 Mini Case Matte ($35)

Super slim, as to not compromise the svelte design of the Mini. Totallee’s case is a simple cover that adds just 0.02 inches to the thickness, while adding a camera lip to avoid any camera lens scratches. 

Get yours here. 

iPhone 12 Mini Silicone Case (£49)

The official option. You’re not just paying for the logo, as this comes with a built-in magnet on the back to snap extra accessories on, such as a magsafe charger or wallet. Comes in a gorgeous range of colours too. 

Get yours here.