Best Bluetooth turntables 2021 - reviewed

These platter-spinners will stream your records to wherever you want them

If you’re going to use a physical format for storing and listening to music, there are plenty of reasons to choose vinyl - the two most commonly trotted out are its ‘warm analogue sound’ (by audiophiles) and its ‘big artwork’ (by most of the rest of us).

Vinyl comes at a price, though, and I don’t just mean the cost of a new 180gm pressing of J Cole’s KOD (the thick end of £20, as you’re asking).

There’s the size of the format, and the subsequent storage problems it can present. And even more importantly, there’s how fiddly and needy most turntables are.

But it’s possible to complement vinyl’s olde-worlde charms with a bit of convenience and modernity. How? By investing in a Bluetooth turntable, that’s how.

By choosing a turntable fitted out with the necessary Bluetooth bits’n’bobs plus some extremely complicated analogue-to-digital processing, it’s possible to wirelessly stream vinyl as if it wasn’t a 70-year-old technology.

Here are the four best-value Bluetooth turntables you can buy. Even audiophiles are catered for.