10 Steam Greenlight games we'd buy tomorrow

August's Stuff has a PS4 vs Xbox vs Steam feature that's packed with all you'll ever need to know about gaming's trio of titans. Here's a snippet to wet your whistle.

Steam’s holding pen for games in development is a veritable goldmine of imaginative ideas that wouldn’t get a look-in at a big-name publisher.

Here are the ones we’d buy without a moment's hesitation...

Among the Sleep

If you’ve ever worried about monsters lying in wait under your bed, the Oculus Rift-compatible Among the Sleep might not be the game to help you conquer your fears. In it you take control of a two-year-old child investigating strange noises in a darkened house. But how much is real? And do you need your nappy changing?

Papers, Please

Working in passport control might not sound like a laugh a minute but spend 10 of them playing Papers, Please and you’ll soon be drunk on the power (and rubber stamp) you wield. The retro graphics suit the 1983 setting perfectly and its fictional draconian world is wonderfully created.


With no health bars, no medi packs and no extra lives, Routine is not for the faint hearted or gung-ho. Explore the abandoned moon base in an attempt to find out what happened to its crew. With Oculus Rift support planned, it might be best not to wear a white spacesuit...


Fed up with controlling gun-toting meatheads with poor social skills? This first-person snuffler puts you in the paws of a female badger. Protect your cubs from the dangers of the big wide world, including birds of prey and – The Daily Mail’s public enemy number one – foxes.

Door Kickers

This top-down SWAT shooter combines the meticulously-planned tactics of Rainbow Six and the sweep ’n’ clear gameplay of Hotline Miami, allowing you to devise your attack step by step or go in with all guns blazing. Choreographed killing has never been so appealing.