10 properly interesting apps for your new Apple Watch

We thumb our noses at the usual suspects in this round-up of brilliant, crazy and curious apps for Apple’s new wearable

Apps for giant social networks, airlines, hotels, and local reviews that tell you want to think, so you don’t have to. They’re admittedly pretty great, but here’s the problem: you’ve probably already got them installed on your Apple Watch, even if the thing’s barely out of its box.

So in this round-up we’re thinking different, with a bunch of apps that you might not even know exists.

Each one’s interesting in its own way, whether it’s playing out a spy mission on your wrist, providing data as you hurtle down a mountainside or laughing in your face because it’s raining and the app in question hates humans.

1. 1Password (£free + IAP)

We’re big fans of 1Password on iOS. The app provides a secure home for all kinds of information, including payment cards, notes, website passwords, and even identities. (By which we mean stripped-back alternate forms for forums and the like — Stuff isn’t staffed by spies. Probably.)

Pay for 1Password’s pro option (£7.99/US$9.99) and you get Apple Watch support, enabling you to send specific items from your vault to your wrist. They’re hidden behind a PIN, too, which is great for securely accessing codes for infiltrating foreign embassies or remembering your locker password at the gym.

Download 1Password

2. Spy_Watch (£1.49/US$1.99)

We’re not going to be caught out dismissing Apple Watch as a games platform, because we’re too smart for that — especially when innovative fare such as Spy_Watch is already here.

Reasoning that Apple’s pitching its device as the ultimate communication tool, the game has you leading an asset through various missions, to return your agency to former glories.

Primarily, the game works through notifications, with you responding to a spy’s requests. Everything plays out in real-time, so if you’re stuck in a meeting, be aware your spy might mess up because you had the audacity to avoid tapping your wrist for an hour.

Download Spy_Watch

3. CARROT Weather (£2.29/US$2.99)

Sure, Apple’s got its own weather app on Apple Watch, but it’s typically Apple in that it doesn’t want all humans to die. CARROT’s different.

A malevolent AI, it’ll clearly be quite happy when the robocalypse arrives; until then, it’ll grudgingly give you weather forecasts and at-a-glance rainfall warnings, while merrily noting it “sucks to be you” if it’s bucketing down outside.

Download CARROT weather

4. Slopes (£5.99/US$7.99)

Apple’s made a lot of noise about Apple Watch potentially becoming an integral part of people becoming healthier. Therefore, it comes as no surprise there are already about a billion running apps for the device.

Slopes showcases how Apple Watch can be handy for rather more extreme sports, though, giving skiers and snowboarders live stats as they career down a snowy slope of death. Glancing at your wrist is probably a smarter move at that point than fumbling with an iPhone, especially when a tree’s approaching your face at far-too-fast mph.

Download Slopes

5. Watch Band (£0.99/US$0.99)

We’re not sure whether this app is mad or brilliant — it’s probably a bit of both. Essentially, it’s an audacious attempt to squeeze a kind of streamlined GarageBand inside your Apple Watch.

To that end you can poke at piano keys, tap drums, and trigger guitar chords; handily, the app has some properly serious uses, too, as a controller for Pro Tools and Logic.

So which is going to be the first band to record a song entirely using Apple Watch? (Note: if it’s a cover of Coldplay’s Clocks, we might have to hurt you.)

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