Indie Game of the Year 2015

Awards Winner
Galavanting after a glowing ball of energy in an empty corner of England might not sound like great gaming, but Rapture turns terrific storytelling into endlessly-engaging exploratory play.

The runners-up

This search-based sensation ties together murder mystery and noggin-knurling narrative as you try to piece together the truth with nothing more than an archive of interview footage to help you.

Channel your inner rocket scientist as you blast unsuspecting Kerbal bods into outer space – or, more likely, into a great flaming wreck on the ground – in this dangerously addictive title.

Half detective tale-teller, half sweat-inducing chase-fest, this deep ’n’ dark first-person explorathon has a gripping storyline plus sufficient scares to leave you screaming.

This diamond-grabbing puzzler sees you sneaking through dazzling holographic labyrinths with only an AI assistant and your quick wits to help you avoid the hostile pawns out to grab you.

A brain-busting genre mash-up where endless runner meets match-three madness, this frenetically-paced foe-fleer is infectiously playable with a sense of humour to match.