Game of the Year 2015 (reader-voted)

Awards Winner
Stunning gameplay, a massive open world and genuinely interesting characters and story combine to make the Wild Hunt the role-playing epic to trounce all role-playing epics.

The runners-up

Rocksteady's brilliant Bats trilogy comes to an epic end with Arkham Knight, which amps up the open-world action to a startling new level thanks to next-gen console hardware.

This gorgeous, gothic adventure delivers rich combat and a constant challenge level meant not to turn you away, but to pull you deeper into its grasp every step of the way.

Destiny: The Taken King is a very different and significantly better game than the already outstanding one we played last year – which is why we've included it here.

With an array of cosmetic tweaks, big defensive enhancements and the long-awaited inclusion of women's teams, virtual football truly is on top form again this year.

There's nothing quite like a Metal Gear Solid game, and The Phantom Pain is both the series' most ambitious entry to date, and one of the best.

The first true challenger in years to the big two of Gran Turismo and Forza, Project Cars takes pole position on account of its ultra-realistic graphics and breathtaking sim-style racing.

Combining driving, jumping, flipping and smacking a ball into the opposing team's goal, Rocket League has been the multiplayer smash of the year - and one of the Stuff office's undoubted favourites.

Super Mario Maker proves itself one of the Wii U's absolute killer apps, turning the GamePad into a perfect level-creation device and doing so with all of the customary Mario charm.

Until Dawn is super scary and almost unbearably tense at times, particularly with DualShock 4 motion tracking, while the story forks entice multiple playthroughs.