The best wearable deals 2017

From fitness trackers to smartwatches, here are some serious tracking bargains for January 2017

Missed all the Black Friday wearables deals, and Boxing Day offers? Worry not: whilst you were sleeping, we were cobbling together this collection of the best wrist-wrapping offers around.

Sure, the big day of deals might have gone - but there's a load of savings still to be had on the top wearable tech.

Want in? Scroll down for our pick of the best deals on smartwatches, fitness trackers and multi-sport watches.


Apple Watch Series 2

A five-star ticker that'll do just about everything, we reckon Apple's second smartwatch effort is the best out there at the moment. Aside from a stunning construction, more notifications than you'll ever need and an impressive arsenal of apps, it's seriously sporty, too.

Buy the Apple Watch Series 2 from £269 from Apple here


Pebble Time Steel

Yes, it's simple, but that's the point: Pebble's shinier Time is blissfully easy to live with. Equipped with a 10-day battery life, a usefully tough metal exterior and an always-on screen make the Time Steel a stylish smartphone companion for laid-back wearers.

Buy the Pebble Time Steel for £95.99 from Amazon here - saving £104


Garmin Vivomove

Simple, stylish and packed with fitness-friendly smarts, Garmin's Vivomove is the ticker of choice for analogue fans. It's got a brilliant battery and, whilst it might lack the stats craved by serious sports-fiends, it logs more than enough to keep everyday trackers happy.

Buy the Garmin Vivomove here for £140 from Garmin


LG G Watch Urbane

A solid option for fans of Android Wear, LG's G Watch Urbane might lack the build quality of kit such as the Moto 360 but it's no performance slouch. A Snapdragon 400 chip puts paid to app lag whilst its 1.3in OLED display is sharp and easy to read in daylight.

Buy the LG G Watch Urbane here for £175.99 from Amazon - saving over £5


Samsung Gear S2

Frustrating Tizen software, a limited apps library and an OK battery life set Samsung's Gear S2 behind the likes of the Apple Watch, but its rotating bezel interface remains a nifty feature - even if its relationship with the touchscreen is a little unintuitive.

Buy the Samsung Gear S2 here for £179.99 from Amazon - saving £120

Fitness Trackers

Misfit Shine

A budget tracker that feels anything but cheap, Misfit's Shine is a delightful disc that will do tracking duties for steps, sleep and swimming - in style. Accuracy is generally excellent, whilst a quick triple-tap is all it takes to tag other disciplines.

Buy the Misfit Shine for £38.50 here from Amazon - saving £10


MyZone MZ-3

A chest strap sensor to rule all chest straps, MyZone's MZ-3 is a clever take on tracking, with meaningful social motivation that's tainted only by a lack of training smarts and a clunky app. It really made us move, offering effort-based measurements and an endless battery life.

Buy the MyZone MZ-3 here for $150 from MyZone


Fitbit Charge 2

An all-rounder that sits between smartwatch and fitness tracker, Fitbit's Charge 2 doesn't do enough for serious sports fans - but, at this price, the presence of heart rate monitoring makes it a decent option. Though it's not waterproof and lacks on-board GPS, Fitbit's excellent app is a good consolation.

Buy the Fitbit Charge 2 here for £110 from Amazon - saving over £20


Moov Now

A personal trainer on your wrist, Moov's Now wants to get you off the sofa and moving. Sure, it'll track daily steps and sleep, but its real forte is as an instructor, with a bank of guided workouts - complete with voice-coaching and rep-counting.

Buy the Moov Now here for £47.92 from Amazon - saving £12


Fitbit Flex 2

One of the most basic bands in Fitbit's armoury, the Flex 2 does the essentials with aplomb: a cracking app, accurate tracking and a comfortable fit make it a band for the masses. It's fully waterproof, too.

Buy the Fitbit Flex 2 here for £69.99 from Currys PC World - saving £5


Multi-sport watches

Fitbit Blaze

A switched-on ticker that'll track all sorts of sport, Fitbit's Blaze pairs angular styling with a whole lot of tracking tech - including a heart rate monitor - to deliver an active fitness watch that's a joy to use, with a brill battery life to boot.

Buy the Fitbit Blaze here for £129.99 from Argos - saving £30


Garmin Forerunner 620

It might be small, but the Forerunner 620 logs an elite amount of data. Sure, you'll pay for the privilege, but its lightweight shell and exhaustive array of running stats will get you seriously scientific about your sprinting.

Buy the Garmin Forerunner 620 here for £195 from Amazon - saving £135


Garmin Vivoactive HR

Our favourite fitness watch right now, Garmin's Vivoactive HR is probably all the tracker you'll ever want - and more. A heart rate monitor, GPS, five-day battery life: it's crammed with sensors, sport and stamina - even if the shell isn't so stylish.

Buy the Garmin Vivoactive HR here for £159 from Decathlon - saving over £50


Motorola Moto 360 Sport

Far from perfect, Motorola's sportier 360 could do with a battery upgrade - but it's now cheaper than ever and the AnyLight display remains crystal clear almost anywhere. It's got standalone GPS, too, for go-anywhere route logging.

Buy the Moto 360 Sport here for £173 from Amazon - saving over £45


A rugged wrist-wrapper with a serious approach to sports, Nixon's Mission is the go-to tracker for skiiers and surfers. The lack of heart rate tracking is a shame, though a barrage of other sensors - including altitude, temperature and air pressure - means there's no stats shortage.

Buy the Nixon Mission here for £339 from Amazon