Stuff Gadget Awards 2016: Vote for the Games Console of the Year

PS4 Pro. HTC Vive. Xbox One S. Which games machine will reign triumphant?

It wasn’t meant to be like this.

Aside from the odd virtual reality skirmish, 2016 should have been a quiet one in the unending console wars saga. Then along came the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One S and Nintendo’s NES Classic Mini.

All of a sudden, fanboys were leaping to their internet armaments. A new front had opened up in this most glorious crusade, and they’d be damned if this contest was to be lost on a mid-cycle upgrade. Especially since these dazzling machines dealt in 4K resolutions, HDR graphics and, in one instance, diddy rectangular controllers that carry the same scent of nostalgia as Mario’s tash wax.

Yep. It was war again, for sure. And that was before anyone had decided on whether Uncharted 4 or Forza Horizon 3 was the better console exclusive.

Thankfully, dear soldier, the Stuff Gadget Awards 2016 gives you the chance to settle this contest once and for all. Or at least for the calendar year. Vote for your favourite console below so that one contender may reign triumphant.

** Voting for the Stuff Gadget Awards 2016 is now closed - we'll be announcing the winners on 4 November **

Stuff Gadget Awards 2016 voting: Games Console of the Year

Stuff Gadget Awards 2016 voting: Games Console of the Year

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1. Which of these is your games console of the year?