Christmas Gift Guide 2015: 23 gadget gift ideas for Apple fans

From Pro keyboards to slide-on snapcessories, here’s our list of the top gifts for Cupertino chums

Christmas Gift Guide 2015: 23 gadget gift ideas for Apple fans

We all know that certain someone who’s as good as fused to their favourite iAccessory. They’ll only put down PewDiePie on their iPhone to play Lifeline on a Watch. Their iPad only gets a rest when the MacBook’s fired up and Apple TV is turned on.

Any contraption that comes out of Cupertino - no matter the price - they want it, need it and, probably, have it. But, once one’s bought all the aluminium-skinned super-tech there is to buy, what’s left to slake a thirst for Apple-flavoured kit?

The answer, of course, is to accessorise. Whether cool cases or wireless charging wizardry, photographic add-ons or ‘Book-hugging mounts, we’ve collected the best in iExtras to compliment your cool-to-touch iOS tech. Enjoy.

Knog Expose Smart Light (€55)

Best Christmas gifts ideas for Apple fans

The latest kit to come out of Cupertino might pack 4K shooting skills and superior sensor smarts, but dusky recordings devoid of light are no fun for anyone, whatever the resolution.

Rejoice! This dinky bluetooth beamer packs nine high-powered LEDs, which kick out a whopping 130 lumens of luscious light, so you’ll never miss another gnarly night-time moment – and with up to 70mins of illumination from a single charge, blackout blockbusters just got a bit brighter.

Buy the Knog Expose Smart Light here

Mophie Powerstation Plus (£60)

Best Christmas gifts ideas for Apple fans

Lugging round a 6s and an iPad Mini 4 is all swell and lovely for on-the-go, well, everything – until the juice runs out and those hi-res displays are good for nothing but fingerprints. Sad face.

Avoid empty-cell syndrome with this 3000mAh monolithic Mophie pack, complete with two Lightning adapters. Not your average power block, it packs charge vault tech to keep the electrons on tap for longer, whilst management smarts mean your iDevices get the rapid top-up they need without frazzling their internals.

Buy the Mophie Powerstation Plus with 2 lightning connectors here

Apple TV (from £129)

Best Christmas gifts ideas for Apple fans

Its maker may have previously referred to it as a 'hobby', but the 2015 version of the Apple TV is anything but a sideshow.

It finally has its own App Store and native tvOS apps, so as well as the obvious streaming options - Netflix and the like - you'll find games aplenty, many of which are playable with the new Siri Remote. Expect more to arrive over the next few months.

Sure, it's not quite a must-buy for most, yet, but if you're already immersed in a world of Apple it's pretty darn close.    

Buy Apple TV here

Twelve South BookArc Stand for MacBook (£40)

Best Christmas gifts ideas for Apple fans

Despite a display downsize, Apple’s latest Pro performer is still the consummate powerhouse – and, with that much potential to play with, you might as well do the double and make your Mac a desktop destroyer.

Stick its sleek shell into this swooping stand and enjoy enhanced performance as your ‘Book throws all it’s internals at the external display, looking seriously sci-fi as it does so. The best news? Stacking your Mac vertically saves serious desk space for all your dastardly designs.

Buy the Twelve South BookArc Stand for MacBook here

Smart Keyboard Case for iPad Pro (£140)

Best Christmas gifts ideas for Apple fans

Once you’re done drooling over the 5.6 million pixels packed into the Pro’s 12.9in display, stick it into this smart case to type all about your newfound love.

Super slim and self-standing, it’s as good at saving your ‘Pad from scratches when it sleeps as it is for tapping out tales on its 64 seamless keys.

Auto-pairing and shortcut-equipped, the fabric-coated keyboard is even splash-resistant, for when your butter-fingered clumsiness sends the commuter coffee tumbling.

Buy Smart Keyboard case for iPad Pro here

Hybrid hinged goodness

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