The 20 best Xbox One games out now

There's no shortage of greatness on Microsoft's machine

Right about now is the best time to be an Xbox One owner. You've got a good couple years of awesome games in the library, there's plenty of great stuff coming out now, and all of the big holiday games are widely discounted.

What better time to dig into the back catalog? Granted, it can all seem a bit overwhelming: while the PlayStation 4 is the bigger seller this generation, the Xbox One is no slouch when it comes to game selection, matching the PS4 neck and neck with most AAA releases and offering a brilliant array of top-tier exclusives.

Looking for the best games to play on your Xbox One right about now? We've got you covered with our frequently updated list. Our picks put a premium on newer releases, ensuring you've always got an array of hot games to choose from, but some of the system's enduring favourites are also here and still deserve your attention.

It's a wide mix, so dig in and enjoy!

Quantum Break

Remedy made Max Payne and then Alan Wake, so it's fair to say the Finnish studio knows something about creating one-of-a-kind action experiences. That's the case again with Quantum Break, a game built around the lead's ability to manipulate time.

While the quest is pretty linear, Jack's powerful abilities feel fantastic in use, and it's a superb-looking affair – plus, the live-action TV episodes intermingled within the campaign give it a totally unique feel and flow.

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The Division

Ubisoft's latest game to bear the Tom Clancy brand is a shoot-and-loot multiplayer odyssey in the vein of Destiny, but The Division elevates the formula significantly. Here, you're working as a sleeper agent in a disaster-strewn New York City, collaborating with other online players as you try to restore order.

The loot grind is hugely appealing, the role-playing elements add an even stronger hook, and the atmosphere is tremendous. Looking for one game to pour your hours into right now? Make it this one.

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Rocket League

Given all the shooters and action games on this list, it's nice sometimes to just have some silly fun. For that, we constantly turn to Rocket League.

It's just like FIFA, only instead of human players each team is made up of jet-powered cars that flip, fly and somersault the ball into a goal. On second thoughts, perhaps 'just like' is pushing it.

You'll zip around the stadium with your teammates, bumping the ball, performing headers, and working together to score epic goals and launch incredible saves, and the result feels inspired and deeply competitive. And now it even has a basketball mode, too. Utterly delightful.

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Dark Souls III

If there's one thing we've learned over the past two entries, it's that Dark Souls isn't for everyone. The game defined by its brutal difficulting and unrelenting nature, and that won't sit right with everyone. We understand.

But if it is for you, rejoice: Dark Souls III certainly doesn't diminish what was already an empowering and addictive action experience. The melee combat feels spot-on and the horrifying enemies make you work for every victory, plus the grim worlds look super fantastic starting fresh on new hardware.

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Fallout 4

There are prettier games on the Xbox One – quite a few, actually – but what Fallout 4 lacks in graphical sheen, it makes up for with just about everything else.

Building upon the beloved foundation of Fallout 3, the latest drops you into a post-apocalyptic Boston as you explore the wasteland, take on exciting and varied quests, and pour hours into building your own weapons and fortresses. The scale is incredible, and so too is the fun.

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