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The 10 best games consoles and machines 2023

Ready to play? From home entertainment to go-anywhere gaming, these are the best games consoles you can buy.

Welcome to our rundown of the best games consoles around. Top of our list are – somewhat unsurprisingly – the gold standard of the current gen; Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are essentially high-spec gaming PCs for the living room: stupendously powerful, with greatly reduced loading times for games.

Most last-gen titles will run fine, many with a boost, and the line-up of new games is strong, with Xbox Game Pass making a particularly compelling argument for Team Green. Then there’s a certain (sometime) handheld with a new OLED screen…

Our guide to the best games consoles around


Sony PlayStation 5

In-your-face like no console before it, but huge amounts of power, clever hardware and a near enough guarantee of great games to come make the PS5 hard to resist


  • Rock solid 4K/60fps gameplay
  • Very fast
  • DualSense has huge potential
  • Astro’s Playroom is some freebie
  • Promise of hardware-pushing exclusives
Sony PlayStation 5 review

Nintendo Switch Lite

Not as clever or innovative as its bigger brother, but the cheaper Switch Lite is probably the best handheld console Nintendo has ever made


  • Great colour options
  • Sharp, colourful screen
  • Brilliant selection of games
  • An actual D-Pad
  • Very comfortable to hold (unless you have giant hands)
Nintendo Switch Lite review