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How tech pioneer Yaber provides a feast for your eyes and ears with its JBL-powered smart projectors

The brand behind the anytime, everywhere cinema experience

Yaber projectors

Those of us continuously on the hunt for the latest and greatest in home entertainment tech may have already heard of Yaber —  a rising star in the world of audiovisual equipment.

You may have come across it when it won a prestigious CES Innovation Award for its cutting-edge projectors and sound systems in 2023 and 2024.

Accolades aside, Yaber stands as a pioneer of entertainment projectors, having successfully delivered over two million units to enthusiasts in more than 120 countries and regions worldwide. And its momentum has no intention of stopping.

Yaber projectors

A perfect partnership with JBL

Fuelled by a passion to combine bold, innovative designs with world-class quality, Yaber’s product range impresses with its blend of a modern, youthful design, while delivering a top-tier home theatre experience. Its partnership with legendary audio brand JBL is a testament to its dedication to producing the most impactful products for its customers. And thanks to the partnership, its product range sounds just as good as it looks. “Looks better, sounds perfect” is as fitting a slogan as we’ve seen.

To build on that, those of you looking to splash out on your next set of AV gear will be pleased to hear that Yaber is set to reveal its latest range of entertainment projectors — developed in partnership with JBL — on 25 June, 2024.

If past releases are any indication, your eyes and ears are likely in for a treat, and you’re more than welcome to follow Yaber on Facebook, subscribe to its YouTube channel, or visit its official website for more updates. Save the date and stay tuned!

Yaber projectors

Want an idea of the sort of quality you can expect? Then take a look at the existing Yaber K2s smart entertainment system – one of the company’s most popular products to date. An easy-to-use projector with plenty of handy features like NFC (which lets you cast your phone’s streaming apps to it with a simple tap), it has plenty of tricks up its sleeves, including Alexa voice commands.

On the visual front, its 800 ANSI Lumens output brightness combines with autofocus and automatic keystone correction for an exceptional picture. And if you don’t want to stream from your phone there’s a built-in TV stick with over 7000 apps. The projector’s integral stereo speakers (courtesy of JBL) serve up immersive 360-degree sound, along with Dolby Audio support thrown in for good measure.

Yaber projectors

In short, Yaber’s exceptional technology and youthful outlook on the world of audiovisual excellence means its projectors and accessories make a great choice if you’re looking to brighten up your movie-watching at home, or take the entertainment with you when you travel. Available at offline retailers such as Best Buy and TEKNOSA, and on Amazon across the world, Yaber’s high-tech, competitive approach will net you great visuals and the ultimate cinema-quality sound experience, wherever you are.

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