Sony PS4 Camera will add voice control to the next-gen console

The Xbox One isn't the only console that'll listen to your commands. As long as you don't mind forking out for the PlayStation 4 Camera, that is
Sony PS4 will have voice control

Sony has revealed that the PS4 will support voice control via the PlayStation 4 Camera – which, unlike the Xbox One's Kinect, is sold separately.

That means gamers who want to bark commands at Sony's next-gen console will have to fork out £55 ($105) if they want to take advantage of the PlayStation Camera's motion control and voice command smarts.

That makes for a grand total of £405 ($809) when added to the PS4's £350 ($693) launch price. It's still cheaper than forking out £430 ($851) for an Xbox One with Kinect included – but it definitely closes that price gap.

Throw in a free copy of FIFA 14 with all Xbox One pre-order consoles, and gamers who are after FIFA's latest and greatest roster along with voice control might find themselves tempted by Microsoft's black box.

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[Source: Polygon]