Samsung Galaxy S5 price revealed!

Amazon page suggests Samsung has set the pricing for its new flagship phone
Samsung Galaxy S5 price revealed!

Is the Samsung Galaxy S5 set for a €730 price tag? It seems so.

Amazon Spain has the 16GB version of the phone available for pre-order at €730, which converts almost exactly to S$1265.

Samsung Galaxy S5 price revealed!

€730 seems like a credible price for a big brand flagship phone. The Sony Xperia Z2 can be pre-ordered now for £599 in the UK, while the iPhone 5S starts from S$988 in Singapore.

Samsung has yet to confirm the Singapore price for the Galaxy S5, and does not have the 32GB version available for pre-order at the time of writing.

[Thanks to Guy Rjaah Mc Dade for the tip]

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Samsung Galaxy S5 available from telcos in April

Singapore telcos SingTel, StarHub and M1 have confirmed that they'll be bringing Samsung's flagship Android smartphone to consumers in April.

Subsidised prices for the Samsung Galaxy S5 under a two-year telco contract haven't been announced, but based on its predecessor's pricing, it should start from S$600 and below.

Alternatively, if you're still bound to a contract, we're placing our bets on the S5's recommended retail price to be under S$1000. Cross your fingers, folks.