These are officially the 20 best smartphones of 2017

We've totted up the review scores given by all the big tech sites to the top smartphones to find out which one wins

2017 has been a vintage year for smartphones - but which one is officially the best?

We've got our own opinion, obviously, and duly awarded the Samsung Galaxy S8 the accolade of Smartphone of the Year in our 2017 Stuff Gadget Awards. But that award was handed out before the release of the Google Pixel 2 and 2 XL, Apple iPhone X, Huawei Mate 10 Pro and OnePlus 5T (curses on those pesky manufacturers releasing new phones so late in the year). And while we're pretty certain that we're the best tech site in the world, we do accept that other ones exist too. 

So, in order to bring you the definitive result, we selected 20 of the best phones released this year, compared their review scores across 10 of the biggest tech websites, then worked out each handset's average rating out of five.

Will Samsung's Galaxy S8 top the pile again - or will Apple's pricey iPhone X prove more popular? Will the Pixel 2 or OnePlus 5T make a late burst for the title? And where do LG, HTC and Sony feature? Read on to find out.

20) BlackBerry KeyOne (Average score: 3.66)

BlackBerry might be a long way from challenging for the top spot but you have to admire the ambition required to put a proper QWERTY underneath a 4.5in touchscreen. Its typing tricks take a bit of getting used to but for those craving a return of the ‘CrackBerry’ era, the KeyOne is a welcome return.

The Verge says: “A no-frills productivity machine that targets people still addicted to email.”

Stuff says: "The KeyOne is the best phone we've seen from BlackBerry in years, and one that'll tick a lot of boxes for BB fans everywhere."

19) Motorola Moto G5 (Average score: 3.84)

Moto’s been king of the budget smartphone for a few years now, and while the G5 isn’t quite as all-conquering as previous efforts, it still offers a lot for such little cash. Its tasty metal design and fingerprint sensor make it appear more pricey than it is, while the screen is much better than you’d expect from a budget offering.

Engadget says: "With a shiny new metal body, a super-slick fingerprint sensor and decent specs, the Moto G5 offers real value for money."

Stuff says: “A great phone for those who want to ditch the shackles of an expensive contract.”

18) Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact (Average score: 3.92)

Proof that you don’t have to go big to get good specs, Sony’s sub-five-incher can do almost everything its full-size sibling can but in a chassis that won’t stretch your digits. That smaller screen also means the battery can go further and while the design of Sony’s Xperia range has become a little too familiar, if you want something smaller there really is no better choice.

Expert Reviews says: "Sony’s XZ1 Compact is a mid-range marvel."

Stuff says: “Android on a small scale has never looked better.”

17) Huawei P10 Plus (Average score: 4.13)

While it certainly owes a debt of gratitude to the iPhone for its design, Huawei’s P10 Plus is as impressive as it is large. That 5.5in QHD screen is a real stunner, perfect for checking out the pics taken using its dual-lens Leica camera, and its only real letdown is a less-than-spectacular battery life.

Trusted Reviews says: “The P10 Plus isn’t perfect but it ticks most of the boxes for an impressive 2017 flagship.”

Stuff says: "There’s hardly anything here not to like here."