Four reasons you’ll want your iPhone 7 to be on Three

More data, worry-free roaming and better signal for your new smartphone
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You’ve made the tough decision.

After poring over the rumours and specs and comparing the contenders, you’ve chosen a new iPhone 7, and you can’t wait to get your mitts on it.

The next step is to pick a network that will make the most of your shiny new hardware. And this bit is simple – because it’s where Three comes in. The network built to deliver data is teeming with innovations and functionality to ensure you get a top-notch smartphone experience. They really work, too: iPhone owners recently rated Three the best for mobile internet on smartphones*.

In fact, there are dozens of reasons to choose Three. Here are four for starters.

It’s all about data

Three was built for data, and carries more of it than any other mobile network (Enders Analysis, July 2016 – see It understands that the Snapchatting, Instagramming, Netflixing, WhatsApping, Tindering, Pokémon masters of the UK need a shed-load of data. And that's why it's offering 4GB of data for the price of 1GB, and a massive 30GB data for the price of 8GB on selected plans. See for more details.

With Three’s amazing data deals and award-winning network for iPhone (see, why would you go anywhere else?

An end to holiday bill shock

Opening your phone bill after a foreign holiday can be a harrowing experience. Thanks to Feel At Home, Three takes the worry out of using your phone abroad, so you can enjoy the stuff that matters – like posting live tanning updates from your lilo.

You can now use your standard allowances to call and text home and use data in 42 destinations, including USA, Australia, Germany, Portugal, Greece and many more.***

You’re not guaranteed a totally stress-free trip – after all, you have to get up pretty early to nab the prime spots by the pool – but at least with Three you can switch airplane mode off and keep on roaming.

You can call and text whenever you’re on Wi-Fi

We’ve all been there. No matter which room you go to, or how far you stretch your arm out of the window, sometimes you just can’t get signal. But that shouldn’t mean you have to go off the grid. With Three’s inTouch app, you can call and text whenever you’re on Wi-Fi in the UK.

Just download and install the inTouch app on a compatible Apple or Android smartphone and you’ll be connected wherever a friendly Wi-Fi hotspot can be found. You can even use your Three number as normal.

Kick the ass of indoor blackspots with new signal tech

Three’s new low-frequency 4G Super-Voice signal penetrates deeper into buildings, so you can make calls, send texts and browse the internet in places you couldn't before.

Until recently, 4G networks only carried data. Three was the first network to allow calls and texts over 4G when it launched 4G Super-Voice last year, taking down indoor blackspots in the process. It’s now up to 65% UK population coverage, with the rollout continuing through 2016.

Take a look at Three’s coverage checker to see if you can get it.