ZX Spectrum gets Google Doodle for 30th anniversary

Sinclair's classic home computer turns 30 today just in time for St George's Day and some zany celebrations over at Google

Feeling patriotic? After you've hopped over to take a look at our best British gadgets, spare a thought for the esteemed Sinclair ZX Spectrum – which has made it to the grand old age of 30 today.

Without the programmer-friendly home computer, we might not have experienced such joys as overdosing on golf in Leaderboard or shooting polygonal graphics in Starglider II in quite the same way. And clearly all those doodlers at the big G feel the same way – St George has had a retro makeover with graphics Sinclair would have been proud of.

If you fancy another trip down memory lane, read up on some more retro chic gadgets. Or dust off your old Spectrum and beat up any Commodore 64s in sight.

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