Zune HD leaks online

We love insiders who can't keep company secrets to themselves. The latest rumour to slip through the net is from the Microsoft camp, and whisperings -

An anonymous tipster sent the folks at Engadget what look to be draft images from a forthcoming marketing campaign, but unfortunately failed to pass on any more information about the device.

While we like to take all rumours with at least a smidgen of salt, Zune employee Brian Seitz has already confirmed via Twitter that "new Zune hardware" is coming this year, so it certainly seems this could be the real deal.

Since the pictures have hit the interweb, tipsters have apparently been coming out of the woodwork to confirm the news, with numerous sites claiming to have got the thumbs up on the authenticity of the artwork from sources close to the Zune team.

We'll keep you updated with all the news we get, but in the meantime be sure to check out our Zune 8 review and let us know below what you'd like to see in the new PMP below.