Your iPhone could soon give you turn-by-turn directions to the dairy aisle

Indoor positioning looks set to become a reality

Apple is moving closer to gracing iPhones with indoor navigation software, according to the latest reports.

An app by Indoor Survey has been spotted on the App store, and its description states that it can locate a user’s position within an indoor venue by using radio frequency signals and an iPhone’s sensors.

The app works by letting you pin your location on a map as you walk through an indoor space. While you’re doing this, the Survey App measures radio frequency signals, combines them with your iPhone’s sensor data, and boom - your indoor position is tracked.

Apple already has iBeacons, which use Bluetooth to determine a handset’s relative position, but this new method makes use of existing Wi-Fi access points, making it more convenient.

Currently the app is only accessible by a direct App Store link, and requires you to be authorised before you can use it.

We wouldn’t be surprised to see Apple show off its full functional indoor tracking system at its next iPhone launch, unlocking the mysteries to shopping mall mazes, once and for all, so stay tuned.

[via Apple Insider]