Xbox 360 dashboard update to arrive 15th November?

Is Xbox's dashboard on the verge of a design overhaul?

15th November marks the ten year anniversary of the Xbox – the date that's been hotly tipped for the new Xbox 360 dashboard refresh, which Microsoft is calling Twist Control. According to gaming website Kotaku, a leaked email to PayPal employees asking them to test the service points to a 15th November launch date.

The idea is to introduce an easier-to-navigate system as Xbox Live content grows, accommodating the growing number of people using it. While this may not sound like a big deal to those who already use their debit or credit cards to gobble up content, Microsoft is hoping adding PayPal support will lead to a wider range of people paying for Xbox goodies.

Microsoft announced it would be introducing a new dashboard at E3 earlier this year, which will be broken down into video, games, music and apps. Also to hand will be Bing voice search and Kinect's gesture-based sensor, to make navigation just that little bit more pleasurable. In addition to a more reliable payment service, Microsoft is also rumoured to be bringing pay TV channels and LOVEFiLM to the console in a bid to transform the Xbox into a veritable multimedia hub. Microsoft calls it: "our vision of the future of television".

We may or may not see a new dashboard on 15th November, but either way things are taking a rather interesting turn at Microsoft HQ.


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