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Sony is launching a PS Plus reboot in June with over 700 new games

A revamped PlayStation Plus is on the way

Anyone that’s owned a PlayStation will be familiar with PS Plus and PS Now. Both are subscriptions offering downloadable game titles you can play on your console, but neither are perfect.

A recent report suggested that Sony was working on a revamped version of PS Plus. And today, Sony has confirmed that the update is coming in June, offering more value and over 700 new games.

What does the revamped PS Plus include?

The rebooted subscription sort of combines the existing PS Plus and PS Now services. The end result looks something similar to Xbox Game Pass. Sony has kept the PS Plus branding for this updated service, but PS Now will be discontinued when it launches.

Sony is packing over 700 new games into the updated subscription. This is a welcome addition, as many fans have mentioned they are tired with current offerings on PS Plus and Now. An eye-catching selection of games would also aid in persuading new users to sign up for the subscription.

On the new subscription, there will be different tiers you can choose from. The Essential plan sets you back £6.99 or $9.99 per month, but only provides the same benefits that PS Plus currently offers.

Moving up, the Extra plan costs £10.99 or $14.99 per month, and expands the game catalogue to over 400 titles. The highest Premium plan for £13.49 or $17.99 per month. Here, you’ll get an extra 340 games, bringing the total to an elusive 740 games. Additional perks for the Premium plan includes extended trials and access to classic (older) games.

The report slated this week as an expected roll-out for the new PS Plus subscription, with most fans expecting a release today. And they were spot on! While Sony has announced the new service today, it won’t be launching until June this year. When available, all PlayStation Network territories will be eligible.