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Why it matters that this battery tech makes the world’s fastest electric car more efficient

EV battery experts at About:Energy have joined forces with McMurtry to make its electric car more efficient. Here's why it matters

The McMurtry Spéirling Pure powered by About:Energy battery tech

When it comes to making the top electric cars, making sure they’re efficient is top on the list of priorities. Yes, it lets you go faster. But more importantly, it lets you go further – extending the battery range. It’s very important on electric supercars, as their power gobbles up battery. That’s why the world’s fastest electric car is getting more efficient with this clever battery tech from About:Energy. And really, it matters for you and your EV.

McMurtry’s already blisteringly fast Spéirling Pure is officially the fastest all-electric car. But, it’s about to get an extra jolt, thanks to a partnership with the battery experts over at About:Energy. The goal? To push the boundaries of how efficient electric supercars can be. With About:Energy’s tech, McMurtry’s engineering squad is armed to the teeth with data. The brand aims to slash development time and boost battery life.

But why does this matter to you? Think of this supercar battery tech as a beta test. If things work out, the tech will trickle down to consumer electric cars – meaning your next EV could go faster and enjoy a longer range.

This dynamic duo of About:Energy and McMurtry Automotive aims to tackle battery technology and make it even more efficient. By harnessing the sheer might of the Molicel P50B lithium-ion cell, the due hopes to skyrocket the performance, endurance, and charging efficiency of Spéirling’s electric cars. The P50B isn’t your average battery cell – it squeezes in an energy density of 260Wh/kg.

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