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What Hi-Fi? Awards 2012 announced

Can’t wait for the Stuff Awards 2012 on November 1st? Check out what the guys at What Hi-Fi? have singled out in their 2012 line-up

We know, you’re very excited about the Stuff Awards 2012. But your list to Santa needs filling out and the November 1st Stuff Awards just seem to be cutting it too fine. Especially with the iPad Mini being announced on October 23rd. Fear not, Stuff’s sister title What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision is your saviour.

The What Hi-Fi? Awards 2012 have been announced giving you ideas for everything from the best music streamers to the most impressive projectors. And there’s no more trustworthy bunch of ears and eyes when it comes to detailed analysis of all things sound and vision.

To drop your jaws further, on November 1st the Stuff Awards 2012 will be announced. But don’t worry we’ve warned Santa in advance, and he’s fitting a bigger mailbox.

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