Walking Shelter packs a whole tent into your shoes

These boots were made for walking... and sleeping in
Sibling Walking Shelter

It's the great British summer! There'll be no more of this heatwave nonsense – now we're back to dodging showers and praying for the odd golden ray to pierce our leaden skies.

With the risk of rain ever-present, you need to be prepared. But carrying an umbrella is just a bit too easy, and a bit too obvious.

Fortunately, design collective Sibling have answered the question literally no-one has ever asked – "what if I had a tent in my shoes?"

These boots were made for sleeping in

Show Walking Shelter Deployed

Sibling have created Walking Shelter, a single-person tent that packs into netting attached to a pair of sneakers. 

Pull out the two bits of cloth, pull them over your head and zip the whole thing together, and you look a bit like a Doctor Who monster. Also, you now have the world's most impractical tent.

Why? Because there aren't any poles – your body provides the support, so you'll have to assume an awkwardly splayed out position to keep the thing upright. And if anyone wants to join you in your shelter, it'll get very cozy indeed.

Still, it's more of a performance art piece than an actual practical shelter. With a few refinements (tent poles, for example) it could even be useful – until then, we'll stick to the creature comforts of Mini custom campers.

(via Core77)