Upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for cheap

XP, Vista and Windows 7 users can bag Windows 8 Pro for US$40

Microsoft has revealed pricing details for its Windows 8 upgrade scheme, with Windows 8 Pro available for a mere US$40 (£25) to existing XP, Vista and Windows 7 users in 131 markets.

The Windows blog explains what features you'll be able to retain in the upgrade, depending on which version of Windows you're currently running. Windows 7 users will be able to keep their Windows settings, personal files and apps. Vista users can keep their Windows settings and personal files, while Windows XP users will be restricted to just their personal files.

You'll be able to create a bootable USB or burn a .ISO file to DVD during the upgrade process, or you can purchase a backup DVD for US$15. A packaged DVD version of the upgrade will set you back US$70 (£45) during the offer period.

The upgrade offer will be available from Windows 8's retail launch through to January 31, after which it'll revert to full price. The 131 markets where the upgrade will be available haven't been listed, but it's a fairly safe bet that the UK will be among them.

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