TvTak will tag videos, Shazam style

Actually this app does more than just recognise what you're watching – it'll pull in all sorts of related info

Pretty soon you won't have to wonder where you've seen that actor on the telly before – new app TvTak recognises what's on your screen, tagging videos Shazam-style to tell you what you're watching.

Fire up the TvTak app, point your smartphone's camera at a video and it'll tell you what you’re seeing – handy if you want to find out the source of a clip in one of those YouTube compilation videos.

But that's not all it does – because TvTak locks on, like an AR app, and is open source it could potentially be used for interactivity within videos. That means it’ll be popular with advertisers, as they'll be able to use it to serve up ads as you watch.

We like the idea of pointing our phone at, say, The Amazing Spider-Man and pulling up Andrew Garfield's IMDB profile. Advertising, not so much. But with TvTak's potential for sports and news interactivity we’re excited. Check out the video to see more or download the TvTak SDK now before the actual app hits Android and iOS soon.

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