Toshiba ZL2 glasses-free 3D TV is coming March 12th

This 55in beauty ditches the 3D glasses – just brace yourself for the eye-watering price tag

Toshiba's massive 55in glasses-free 3D TV, the ZL2, has just got the nod for an exclusive release at John Lewis, Oxford Street from Monday – that's March 12th. The impressive TV not only uses a lenticular screen to deliver a 3D picture to both eyes simultaneously, it also doesn't shirk in the resolution stakes.

The ZL2 has an incredible 3,840 x 2,160px Quad Full HD display so it's likely to cope with whatever broadcasters manage to put out for the next few years at least. If you're worried about the lack of 4K content for now, you'll be laughing when the rest of the world catches up with Tosh.

Just prepare to cry a little inside when we tell you that the Toshiba ZL2 will set you back £7000 when it goes on sale on March 12th. We suggest arriving at John Lewis with wheelbarrows full of cash so the staff know which TV to direct you to. And if you like to get your gagdet fix Knightsbridge-way, the ZL2 will also be stocked at Harrods at a later date.

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