Toshiba to launch Blu-ray player by Christmas

We'd already got word last month that Toshiba was preparing to give up the HD fight and enter the world of Blu-ray, and now it seems that the company

Japanese newspaper Daily Yomiuri has said that  Tosh is readying a Blu-ray player for release sometime towards the end of this year, and is also considering a Blu-ray recorder to go on sale in Japan.

The move is not a surprising one – Tosh has resisted moving over to Blu-ray after its own HD format HD DVD, failed to make the same impression on the market as its competitor. It seems that now finally, Toshiba is willing to throw in the towel and jump on the BD bandwagon.

We'll keep you in the loop with any announcements we hear from Toshiba – let us know if you think it is making the right move below.

Via: Engadget