TomTom’s latest wearable won’t tell you how fat you are

At least, not directly. It'll hint at it, through a kind of fitness-tracking jigsaw reveal

I thought these fitness trackers were all about chivvying you into fat-busting action?

They are, but in the name of self-confidence and pound-saving TomTom has ditched the body fat measurer that we saw on its Touch Cardio + Body Composition tracker, in favour of the more traditional activity tech. Think step tracking, sleep sensing and the rest.

So it’ll still tell me off for being unfit?

Of course it will. Fire up the TomTom Sports app (available for iOS and Android) and you’ll get the full run-down of your (in)activity - just without the specifics of your fat percentages. That means activity trends and comparisons of your movements over time, as well as the usual movement data to delve into.

How will it know my un-fitness, though, without that body composition kit?

By counting your beats, of course. An on-board heart rate monitor means more accurate calorie counting, all day long - and it’ll be able to work out just how intense those steps were, too, so no faking it by attaching the Touch to your dog.

Why would I want a tracker that does less stuff, though?

Because it’ll cost you £90 when it launches in March, rather than the £130 you’ll need to spend on its more advanced sibling. Which, given it won't heckle you about your waistline, is quite the friendly saving.

Does it look nice, at least?

If you liked the first Touch, you’ll like this: it’s basically the same, which means you’ll get a relatively robust rubber module that won’t sit too high on the wrist - and it’s controlled by the same single touch button.