Tissot's got a smartwatch planned for Baselworld 2016

Swatch group could be going high-tech at this year's show

The smartwatch scene is about to get a high-end helping hand, with Tissot set to make a big reveal at Baselworld.

The news comes from Swatch Group CEO Nick Hayek, who confirmed to Bloomberg that a Tissot would be the first of three smartwatches from the group to launch before 2017.

Although nothing is set in stone, there's only a slim chance that all three will carry the Tissot name - expect a Swatch or two as well. 

There's next to no details about what to expect from the Baselworld headliner, but the biggest watch show in the world should be the perfect place to launch a smartwatch; it’s where Tag revealed its first try last year.

The chance of a Tag Heuer Connected rival is still pretty small, as the Swatch group doesn’t seem too keen on “traditional” smartwatches.

Hayek called the Apple Watch “an interesting toy, but not a revolution” last year, and the first smart Swatch only puts mobile payments on your wrist - the Bellamy is otherwise a fairly simple timepiece.

It’s going on sale in Switzerland and the US in August, but there’s no word on availability in the rest of the world.

We’ve asked for more details on the Tissot watch, but don’t expect to hear anything until Baselworld kicks off on the 17th of March.