Tesla Model S Performance Plus to get UK drivers 300 miles on a single charge

Launching in the UK next month, this electric car can travel the length of the country with just one 20-minute stop
Tesla Model S Performance Plus to get you 300 miles on a single charge

Tesla has revealed that the super-efficient Performance Plus edition of its Model S electric car is to go on sale in the UK in June.

The Performance Plus can travel 300 miles on a single charge, and a 20-minute charge at one of Tesla’s stations will give it 120 miles of range. That means, theoretically, you could drive from London to Edinburgh and require only one brief charging stop.

Most electric cars available in the UK require overnight charging and can travel only 100 miles on a full charge. It’s easy to see why Tesla thinks its vehicles have the potential to totally change the public’s perception of electric travel as a compromise.

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Tesla Model S Performance Plus to get you 300 miles on a single charge

Tesla is constructing supercharger stations throughout the country: from Dover to Bristol via the M25 and north from London along the length of the M1. One of the first, located in Hertfordshire’s South Mimms services, where the A1 and M25 meet, is set to open soon.

For drivers of high-end Tesla vehicles like the S Performance Plus (which will cost £70,000), charging at these stations will be free. Owners of cheaper Tesla models will have to pay a one-off fee for unlimited access.

In the UK there are currently only 1,500 or so electric cars on the roads, but Tesla looks likely to be the company to change that, much as it has done in America.

[Via Telegraph.co.uk]