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Tablet meets mobile in 5.9in ZTE smartphone

Is this the one sized phone to unite them all? Or a full HD resolution Windows Phone 8 tease from the Chinese manufacturer?

We’ve had the 5.5in Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and the 7in Google Nexus 7 – now the 6in spot, which has so far remained the hitherto-untouched gap between mobile and tablet, has been filled. This 5.9in ZTE smartphone was tweeted by the company’s marketing chief with a few key specs to spice it up.

The full HD 1920×1080 smartphone with DTS audio looks exciting. But it may just be a tease, as it’s WP7 branded and even WP8 isn’t yet fully HD compatible. Still, it goes to show there’s still an appetite for even bigger smartphones – how long before we get a 7in tablet phone?

[via Engadget]

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