News’s Top 10 Father's Day gifts

Any combination of watching the cricket, snoozing in an easy chair and a lunch barbecue will suffice for most Dads on Fathers Day. But it’s not

A generous helping of sat-nav is always a surefire hit, so we’ve recommended our favourite – TomTom’s Go 740 LIVE – as well as Garmin’s excellent GPS watch, the Forerunner 405.

Retro looks and class-leading sound quality make Grado’s SR60i headphones an impressive and affordable gift, while the Olympus LS10 is ideal if he’s made noises about getting into podcasting.  

Chances are, Dad’s already got a favourite camera, but probably not one that lets him geotag photos. The ATP GPS Photo Finder Mini will do just that, and help revolutionise the family photo album.

And finally, there are the home entertainment options – the latest version of Samsung’s affordable BD-P1600 Blu-ray player (available for under £140 online) and Logitech’s gloriously geeky Harmony 1100 universal remote.

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