The vidcast – the Toy Fair plus the best music services

We're all for a spot of regressing to happier childhood days here at Stuff Towers. Which is why we couldn't resist packing up our Lego and heading to

As well as playing with the latest kit from Spykee, Ruth and Lee act like ten–year–olds with a set of killer new NERF guns and show you the latest toys you'll be craving in spite of your advancing years.

On top of all that childlike mayhem, we also put the hottest music services to the test. Now every major player has gone DRM–free, which one can win out. Is iTunes still top dog? Or does Amazon's new MP3 service offer the hottest way to get tracks legally?

Find out now in this week's vidcast. After all that toy action, we may need to download some classic kids tunes. Frog Chorus anyone?