You may have no problems waking early on Christmas morning, but how are you going to get up on time the rest of the year?The Roberts iDream has a dock

The Roberts iDream has a dock in the top, letting you listen to your iPod though its speakers anytime, as well as waking up to your favourite tunes in the morning. If you fancy a bit of something new, the iDream also has a DAB radio with 20 station presets.

The large screen on the front – also where the time appears – has a blue backlight which can be dimmed to soothe your weary eyes. The two alarms can be set independently, so you're not woken up at 6am on the weekend.

And in case you're really lazy, all the major functions can be controlled by remote control.


Roberts iDream

Price: £79.99

On sale: Now

Contact: Roberts