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Roberts launches trio of DAB/FM clock radios

Hate getting up in the morning? Try one of Roberts' new range of bedside DAB/FM radio alarm clocks

Waking up in the morning is a struggle for most people – and it doesn’t help when your alarm clock sounds like someone hitting a saucepan with a metal spoon. Roberts has come to the rescue with these three DAB/FM clock radios, promising a variety of different extras to suit your waking-up needs.

The range consists of three half-moon shaped clocked radios dubbed the DreamDock (above), iDream II and DreamTime II.

The first two are iPod/iPhone-docking digital stereo clock radios, complete with two independent alarms. So, you can wake up to your favourite Metallica track, while your partner might prefer the buzzer or their favourite radio station for something a little less headache-inducing. Or perhaps you sleep like the dead, making two alarms very necessary.

Both the DreamDock and the iDream II come with an aux inputs for those of you without iThings, as well as a headphone jack, a sleep timer and that all important snooze button.

The only difference between them is the DreamDock offers the luxury of a remote control and a favourite station button, while the iDream II comes without the remote control, but offers 20 station presets.

With no docking option, the DreamTime II throws up a more traditional choice of radio or alarm to get you bounding out of bed in the morning.

The DreamDock sits at the top of the range for £90, while the iDream II and Dreamtime II are slightly cheaper, coming in at £80.

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