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Here are the top five products worth your time and money this week

We see a lot of products every week here on Stuff. But come Friday, which are the ones we actually want to take home with us?

Every week, we condense all of the many products we see into the Hot Five — the definitive list of the best new gadgets to lust after, buy and use. These are the best products, the top apps and games, and the best tech accessories to blow this week’s savings on.

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5) Mighty makes Spotify more mobile

Let’s get this out of the way before we begin the praise: the Mighty is far from perfect, suffering from limp battery life, middling audio quality, a dearth of features and buggy performance.



What a concept it is! Like the MP3 player raised from the dead, this long-awaited, iPod Shuffle-inspired clip-on music machine lets you listen to Spotify playlists on the move without a phone. Just plug in your headphones, clip the thing onto a sleeve or waistband and away you go, free to jog, cycle, row or indulge in whatever other strenuous activity else you care to, safe in the knowledge that you’ll do it to the accompaniment of your favourite tunes without having to worry about your £700 smartphone tumbling from your pocket and smashing on the floor.

Does it need work? Yes. Is the concept sound? Also yes!

Clip and dip

4) Leica TL2 is a touch of class

Up pops the second generation of Leica’s mirrorless system camera, physically identical to its predecessor (no bad thing) but blessed with a few refinements and tweaks to improve what was already a pretty impressive CSC snapper.

Touchscreens and cameras haven’t traditionally been the best of bedfellows, but Leica’s UI efforts here have resulted in a high-end camera with a very user-friendly icon system – a bit like a smartphone interface jammed into one of the most stylish, well-built mirrorless models around.

As with most Leicas, the asking price is verging on the ridiculous, but if you’re not feeling particularly sensible, this is as desirable a camera as you’re likely to see in our pages for the rest of the year.

Photo smooth

3) Splatoon 2 keeps the formula and ups the fun

Switched to the Switch and missing your Wii U Splatoon sessions with mates? Then we’ve got some exciting news for you: Splatoon 2 is here, it’s on Nintendo’s new console, and it’s doing nothing to mess up a good thing. Paint will fly and fun will be had in copious quantities.

So little has changed that some might regard this as an update rather than a full-on sequel (it’s fair to say that Splatoon 2, like its predecessor, doesn’t offer a particularly compelling single-player experience, although it has improved things) but there are enough tweaks to snare new players and give old hands a fresh experience.

Playing with others was where the original’s appeal lay, and the addition of local multiplayer here may be one of the biggest reasons to buy.

Spray and play

2) Destiny 2 beta be good

Ahead of its 6 September release date, a taste of Bungie’s FPS sequel is currently available to all PS4 and Xbox One owners via a downloadable open beta, which features one single-player mission, the Inverted Spire co-op strike and two PvP modes (Control and the new Countdown mode) to try.

We’ve played it, and while it’s still very much Destiny (we’re definitely talking evolution over revolution here), it feels like a more polished experience with some thoughtful changes. (Plus cool new space magic superpowers!)

We’re impressed so far – and this is just a beta, without all the dopamine-inducing loot mechanics, vast scope and timed community features of the full release.

The public beta goes dark on Sunday 23 July, so if you fancy giving it a go, make sure you download it quick smart.

1) Modular magic from the Moto Z2 Play

Mid-range phones: boring, right? Not the Moto Z2 Play, thanks to its embrace of snap-on Moto Mods, fitted to the backplate via 16-pin connection, that expand the handset’s out-of-the-box skillset.

So far you can equipped the Z2 Play with a handful of modules – Hasselblad-designed zoom camera, JBL-designed speaker, pico projector and power pack – but, with more on the way, it’s clear that Motorola is taking its expansion ecosystem seriously. Having outlasted both Google’s Project Ara and LG’s Friends modular systems, Moto doing a fine job of carrying the torch for smartphone expandability.

It helps that the Z2 Play itself is thoroughly decent, with a premium build, 1080p AMOLED screen, lengthy battery life and slick performance. It might not have the sheer specs to go toe-to-toe with a flagship, but the price and ability to boost performance via modules make this an easy pick for our favourite gadget of the week.

We are the mods

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