Sony unveils new Blu–Ray Vaios

So, the Asus Eee PC doesn’t cut fill your salary–crushing gadget quota? Then perhaps you need one of Sony’s new Blu–Ray packin

Rocking a Blu–Ray drive, the new FW and Z series lappies will let you watch HD goodies on the move, bringing an end to the days of squinting at episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm on your iPod Touch.

On the FW model, you get a hefty 16.4in screen, with 16:9 aspect ratio, as well as Dolby Sound Room so you can create your own cinema on the 8:23 to Waterloo. That should keep those sour–faced businessmen happy of a morning then.

And you can even write to Blu–Ray disc too, meaning your home movies can now become fully hi–def. Adobe Premiere Elements comes bundled to boot, so you can edit your masterpieces on the move.

The Z series also offers Blu–Ray, with 13.1in, 16:9 screen, a 1in thick bod and HDMI. The keyboard on both models rocks the isolated keys style of the MacBook, a win for Sony if you ask us.

The Big S also ripped the covers off two other, non hi–def series, the BZ, aimed squarely at city types, and the SR, their supposed aim at the low–end of the market. Still, no low end 8.9in models to see here.

We’ll be getting some hands on time with the lot tomorrow, so stay tuned to for a full–on video review.


New Sony Vaios

Price: £TBA

On sale: August

Contact: Sony