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Sony shares an early look at new PlayStation VR 2 features

Ahead of the PlayStation VR2 launch, Sony has shared a glimpse at new features such as a see-through view and cinematic mode.

PlayStation VR has been a popular entry-route for gamers already familiar with PlayStation to enter virtual reality. We already know that Sony is working on a follow-up, PlayStation VR2. And as the new device’s launch comes closer, the company has shared an early look at some of the headset’s new features.

See-Through View is arguably the biggest new feature Sony teased for the PlayStation VR2. It adds an option to switch from the displayed content to a view of your surroundings. Switching is controlled with the headset’s function button. Most other VR headsets share this functionality, so it’s handy to see Sony adopting it for user convenience.

With the new headset, Sony is tweaking the way you’ll view content. You’ll be able to jump into VR Mode for VR content at 4000 x 2040 HDR  (2000 x 2040 per eye) with a 90Hz/120Hz frame rate. Or, you can opt for Cinematic Mode to view the UI and other non-VR content via a virtual cinema screen at 1920 x 1080 HDR with a 24/60Hz and 120Hz frame rate.

Other new features include a setting to tweak the play area using the PlayStation VR2’s cameras and the remotes. It’ll let you expand or restrict the area if Sony’s automated settings aren’t quite right. Finally, you’ll be able to connect a PS5 HD Camera to the console to film yourself while playing. We assume this is for streaming as well as for your own enjoyment.

PlayStation VR2 looks set to tweak its design to match the PS5. With over 20 games promised for the VR headset at launch and a potential price reduction, the second-gen headset is one to watch out for. We’re expecting a launch later this year or in early 2023. Stay tuned over the coming months for more details, and of course, we’ll bring you all the latest.

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