Something’s cooking: AEG to demo live-streaming oven

"CookView" camera beams video of your Sunday roast straight to a phone or tablet

The Oven: arguably man’s peskiest invention.

All of those dials to set, grills to slot in and that tiny little window on the front to watch through – not remotely helpful for hungry audiences.

It’s common knowledge that food observed is food well cooked, yet how can one truly see what’s cooking without opening the door and letting all that heat go to waste?

It seems, thankfully, that AEG has got the message.

Cooking with smarts

Fear no more, for the new ProCombi Plus Smart oven features an in-built CookView camera which beams live images straight to your mobile.

That’s right: in a literal feast for the eyes, AEG has decided that what the Internet of Things needs most is a new casserole cinema, a meringue motion picture, a portal to all things pasta.

No more need you feel tied down to the kitchen. Go, soak in the bath, walk in the garden, safe in the knowledge that instant images of your roasting dinner are just a tap away in the palm of your hand.

And whilst connected ovens are nothing new, if LG can pull off camera integration ahead of the pack it might just have baked up a winner.

Yes please, chef

What’s more, through the My AEG app, available for iOS and Android, you can hook your smartphone or tablet up to the smart oven, giving you complete control of its cooking capabilities.

And because the kitchen should never be an antisocial place, AEG’s app offers a social feed for foody inspiration. In fact, the app is meant to be your one-stop oven shop, offering visualisations of complicated and lesser-used functions so you’ll never be left two grills short of a diner.

Beyond it’s camtastic cooking skills, the ProCombi also offers a unique combination of steam cooking and hot air in one smart package - meaning moist roasts and perfect breads.

Showcasing at IFA in Berlin next week and set to launch in April 2016, the Plus Smart has been designed as part of AEG’s vision for a completely connected kitchen – one which will give you instant recipe ideas and culinary supervision right on your handset.

We’re just hoping it’ll reveal the family secret behind Nana’s special cookies.